Situational Awareness

Are you convinced America’s ills are the result of the poor, working poor, the unemployed and the homeless having too much power in Washington? Really? Don’t you think you might want to reexamine your logic on that? Because I think a more responsible view might be something like this: Continue reading


My Political Platform, If I Had One

1 Overview

What follows is a condensed summary of political specifics and generalizations presented as a hypothetical situation. This can be seen as a political platform for a campaign or for the creation of a political party alternative. And of course, just me messin’ around. Continue reading


America, Fix it or Fu*k it

Brian teaser: See if you can find anywhere in this article where I call on people not to vote. You may win the exciting feeling of knowing that you can actually read and comprehend a simple essay!

There is no single act that will likely result in significant change in a system as complicated and corrupt as what we have now. That said, I would like to clarify why I advocate for a “Fix it” approach that includes a massive voter revolt as one part of a concert of civil activities concentrated on putting more control with the citizens – actual people, human beings – and away from sociopathic and paranoiac hoarders of obscene wealth. Continue reading