Situational Awareness

Are you convinced America’s ills are the result of the poor, working poor, the unemployed and the homeless having too much power in Washington? Really? Don’t you think that you might want to reexamine your logic on that? Because I think a more responsible view might be something like this:

America is essentially under attack by corporate and financial industrial power, an oligarchic coupe has been underway for decades and is gaining more and more ground with every farcical election cycle and every piece of legislation passed by the bribed, spineless, immoral lick spittles installed into Congress by those same fraudulent, farcical “elections.”

The foundation of a functioning and legitimate democratic republic is an informed citizenry. When corporate and financial industrial power owns the means of providing necessary, factual and complete information to the citizens, it seizes the flow of information and becomes little more than a mouthpiece that serves its own ends.

It doesn’t stop there. Not only is our source of information controlled by corporate and financial industrial power, our campaign, debate, election and vote tallying mechanisms are under their purview as well. This is not democracy by any definition.

The face of our republic is a facade, a fraud. We are presented with a 24/7, 365 Circus designed to deceive. We are served up a message that is crafted to create the illusion that we have choices–legitimate choices and that our votes, our candidates and our information used to form our opinions on those candidates as well as issues vital to our lives and our world, are factual, unbiased and without meddling and free of propaganda. This is an attack on the United States of America by what some might call domestic terrorists and it must be stopped.